About us

The romanian community in Boston and surrounding areas has increased dramatically after the events of December 1989 when romanians were able to travel freely, many of them winning the visa lottery program that the U.S. has made available to Romania too. An important segment of the Romanian community in the Boston area is represented by the large body of Romanian students that came to study in the famous universities of the state of Massachusetts.

The growth of our community has triggered the need to found a new romanian-orthodox parish in Boston, one where we can also develop as a orthodox-christian community.

To this end a group of Romanian believers eager to preserve and perpetuate our ancient Orthodox faith in the New World, opened discussions with the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America, Vatra Romaneasca, led by His Eminence Archbishop NATHANIEL and His Grace Bishop Irineu.

On October 5, 2003, the official opening of the new church was made by our worthy-of-eternal-memory priest Archpriest Constantine Tofan, delegate of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate, which presented the first parish priest of the newly created mission, "Nativity of Our Most Blessed Virgin Mary", Father Liviu Alexandrescu. At that time, father Liviu Alexandrescu has served Divine Liturgy together with a synod of priests comprised of father Georgel Oancea, father Vasile Morar and father Vasile Bitere. For all those present to this historic event and especially for those who were totally involved in the realization of this project, October 5, 2003, remained as a day of great spiritual fulfillment.

In the Fall of 2006, for blessed reasons, father Liviu Alexandrescu was appointed to another parish and, almost a year and a half, we participated to the group preayers and akathist services held together with our brother-in-Christ Dan Hoarste, the Divine Liturgies officiated by Father George Coca from St. Demetrios Church in Bridgeport, Conecticutt, by Father John Bacon and Father John Bernardi from the Russian church hosting us.

The Divine Liturgy of Sunday, March 2nd, 2008, represents for our mission, "Nativity of Our Most Blessed Virgin Mary" a moment that marks the beginning of a new stage in the life of our parish, this being the moment when we received Father Narcis Stoica, the new parish priest appointed by the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, in the middle of our community.


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